"Libraries store the energy that fuels the imagination. They open up windows to the world and inspire us to explore and achieve, and contribute to improving our quality of life."

 Sidney Sheldon

The Nostalgic memory of travelling beyond time, space and even reality that we have experienced just by flipping through the pages is the spark behind the idea of Pick2Read!

Why is 'getting lost in a book' so good for you?

The act of losing yourself in a book — makes you more empathetic, more creative and (hello!) It's an escape. Interestingly enough, the earlier and more the children read and carry the habit into adulthood, it is believed to enhance their creativity and improve their mental health. Also, reading has the ability to lower your heart rate and relax your muscles. It is a big stress buster as it helps us to escape from this busy virtual screen- based fast life.

No one raves about the eBook smell like they do about the “old book smell.”

A Digital Detox Initiative that intends to keep us away from unwanted screen time and protect us from the dark side of web. By bringing together the best of both the worlds, this E-commerce library embraces the technological development but still helps us to stay connected to our roots.

Hence, we bring to you –

PICK2READ– “Your Doorstep Library

What do we offer?

A Library at your doorstep.

A wide range of books & toys for all age groups - Fiction, non-fiction, self-help, reference books, Indian authors, Indian regional languages etc.

Flexible membership plans.

Save time, energy & effort!

Stay at home -- reserve the books -- get them at your doorstep-- enjoy reading!!